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A Woman Who Serves Doula Training

Returning to our roots of women serving women in pregnancy and childbirth.

About Us

We are a Christian based, virtual doula and childbirth education certification program that can be conveniently accomplished from the comfort of your home, wherever you are! Birth doula, postpartum lactation specialist, and CBE options are available. Registration is always open! We offer the highest standard of training and education, with personal support throughout the process, via a combination of  live video classes and written materials! We honor the role of women in pregnancy and childbirth, as it has been since ancient times,  honoring the strength, dignity, and natural, God-given biological function of women as mothers, as well as the historical meaning of the word doula, which is a Greek word that means "a woman who serves." We train women to support other women with integrity, dignity, confidence, and grace, and we support cultural diversity in this role. Click the button below to learn more about our philosophy. Explore specific program specifications by clicking on tabs at top. 

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Meet the Program Director

Amaris Garcia

Amaris Garcia started her work as a childbirth educator in 2014 in Iowa and Nebraska. She also became certified as a lactation counselor, birth doula, bereavement doula, and trained in specialties such as postpartum and herbalism for women's health and Spinning Babies. She worked in a busy hospital in Labor & Delivery for 4.5 years, teaching parent classes and assisting families with lactation support on the postpartum wing. While there, she developed a successful hospital volunteer doula program that she managed, taught the training workshops for, and certified many doulas, providing support and mentorship along the way. AWWS virtual doula training was born out of this experience, with a passion for providing an alternative to the mainstream, with teaching from a Christ-centered perspective.

Amaris has supported families in both hospital and home births and has worked with a local holistic, pro-life women's center, teaching childbirth and lactation classes, as well as several years of past experience as a La Leche League leader. She is also fluent in Spanish as a second language.

Her passion in seeing God's beauty in the natural design of our bodies and drawing from His strength and grace, influences her heart behind the program.

Amaris believes God designed a woman's body to be fully capable of birthing naturally and that birth should not be seen as a medical emergency type event, though at times medical intervention is needed and can be life saving.


She enjoys the outdoors, studying herbalism and teaching natural health and emotional healing, doing professional photography for families, supporting and fellowshipping with other Christians, and above all, mothering and teaching her own children.

Here's what students have to say....

"A Woman Who Serves doula training went far beyond my expectations. I had looked for a course that would line up with my core Christian beliefs and was so blessed to find AWWS. The combination of virtual classes and independent videos with assignments provided a wonderful learning experience. I loved getting to connect with other students, while also having the flexibility to complete my work at my own pace. I feel very well equipped for starting out as a doula. Amaris is a wonderful teacher she is very patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking into becoming a Certified Birth Doula."    ---Antonia

Birth Doula
Day Workshops

Get in-person hands-on training with a group of like-minded women with a day workshop. Learn and practice relaxation techniques; learn special labor progression techniques in regard to pelvic station, understand the emotional, physical, and spiritual connection during pregnancy and birth and how to serve women holistically; learn good communication skills as a doula; recognize the presence of God in labor and His beautiful plan for each woman you serve; and enjoy fellowship with other Christian women on the same path as you! Complete certification with the online course modules. 
(This workshop is not required for certification and is offered as a supplemental and additional hands-on training. Online live classes are offered for those who want to train fully virtually.)

Next Christian doula workshop to be held in Sioux City, Iowa!

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CBE Certification Program Coming Later This Year !

It's been requested for a long time, and the intention has been there since the launch of the birth doula program, to be the third installment of the AWWS program. Classes that take what you have learned as a birth and postpartum lactation doula and tie it all up into one package of how to teach group and one-on-one classes in an engaging and informative manner as a childbirth educator! That means if you have already signed up for the birth and postpartum lactation programs, you are already on your way to getting your CBE certification! You will be prepared to present evidence-based information from both the medical and natural health perspective for parents who are preparing for hospital, birth center, or home birth. Click link below for more details!

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