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Postpartum Lactation Specialist Certification

Registration is open! 

$550 or two payments of $297

Christian Postpartum Doula

Become a Postpartum Doula and Lactation Specialist  with our all-in-one virtual training!

New moms need you! And they need someone who is also prepared for all of their breastfeeding questions and challenges that come their way during this vital time period. 

That's why this training is comprehensive to prepare you to begin your own business (or ministry) working as a postpartum doula, as well as preparing you to be a specialist in the skill of breastfeeding counseling. You will receive both the practical skills training and business training you need to begin your practice! 

Convenient and Affordable!


Best of all, you don't have to spend money on travel or figure out childcare to get to an expensive, long distance training. You will be able to complete this course on your own time, in the comfort of your home! Nursing babies are allowed during the two online (2 hour) sessions via Zoom that you will attend before certification and can choose which dates work best for you. We want you to feel supported with real interaction with your instructor and classmates, as well as having independent study time-so you get the best of both worlds here! Our courses are affordable to allow anyone access to training, and payment plans are available! You also will have no extra fees later to recertify or keep your certification active. You have freedom to run your business as you choose and not be controlled in how you do this. We do have a scope of practice we ask you to agree to in order to maintain a standard of professionalism in wearing the credentials with your name, but this doesn't dictate how you run your personal business.  Read here:


No Gender Neutral Language Here!

We don't use gender neutral language here. We are a non-denominational, Christian-based program that stays true to the terminology of the Bible, that when God said he created male and female, He meant that. Women are called women and mothers. Men are called men and fathers. We don't shy away from the word breastfeeding either. That's a biological function of a woman's body to feed her baby. No "chest feeding" language here!






How to Certify


Complete all modules in your own personal portal where you will keep track of your progress. This will be a mix of video teaching and reading materials. 

Complete written assignments and reports.

Prepare a list of community resources for postpartum mothers.

Assist 2 mothers with lactation support and turn in a report on each.

Assist 2 mothers during postpartum and turn in a report on each.

Review a lactation class.

Read 4 books of your choice from book list (2 on lactation and 2 on postpartum) and write a report on each. Check out list here: 



Complete a final quiz.

Attend two, 2 hour, virtual live group sessions:

Lactation Role Play Class

Postpartum Doula Role Play Class








A Rewarding Career


Becoming a Postpartum Doula and Lactation Specialist is a great add-on certification if you are already a Birth Doula, and it's a great stand-alone certification for those who only want to do postpartum work! You get to decide! 

Many women find that the career of a Postpartum Doula better fits into their schedule since they aren't on call for as much time as a Birth Doula is and can more easily schedule their hours of work. It's a wonderful option to get started as a doula if the on-call schedule of a Birth Doula doesn't work in your current season of life! Some women have a particular passion for assisting moms during this transition of life and getting to work with newborn babies, and it's the only kind of doula they want to be! It's a truly rewarding calling! 

Working as a lactation specialist allows you to schedule consults with mothers seeking help with breastfeeding concerns with their babies or teach a breastfeeding class to new mothers! You become a community expert in your field and have more opportunities to work in various community programs or organizations. Many possibilities await you as you embark on your new career!

If you have more questions, send a message here:

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Christian Postpartum Doula Training
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