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About A Woman Who Serves Doula Training


AWWS Doula Training is a personal, interactive experience where you will receive one-on-one support in your professional training and grow with a community of other women who are on the same journey as you! Rather than just reading online materials on your own, you will experience the addition of interaction via live video classes where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know other women! When you complete your certification, you will receive a lifetime certification with no yearly renewal fees. In addition, you will continue to have access to personal support as you begin your doula career and interact with your trainer! All of this is yours at a very affordable investment fee that is meant to make this education accessible to all women. We honor our traditional roots and meaning of the word doula by upholding the strength and dignity of women in their natural God-given biological role as mothers.  


The word doula began to be used in the 1960s, taken from the Greek word that means “servant woman.” The official definition of the word is “a woman who serves,” and has been applied to mean "a woman who serves in childbirth." One dictionary defines a doula as “a woman who assists women during labor and after childbirth.”  Doulas are professionally trained women who thoroughly understand the pregnancy and birth process and provide educational information, emotional support, and physical support during pregnancy, during labor, and right after, from a non-medical and non-biased point of view. Sometimes also referred to as “birth companions” or “birth coaches,” a doula is a continual support person who remains by your side throughout the entire birthing process. Read more here.



A 2017 Cochrane review of 26 trials of continuous labor support and doula care, involving over 15,000 women in 17 different countries, found improved outcomes for birth, reduced rate of Cesarean section, shortened labor, reduced use of medications in labor, improved APGAR scores for baby, and other benefits. In 2017, The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists published a statement that says, "Evidence suggests that, in addition to regular nursing care, continuous one-to-one emotional support provided by support personnel, such as a doula, is associated with improved outcomes.” Since ancient times, women have naturally thrived on the support of other women. We sometimes call this “mothering the mother.” Women naturally have a nurturing spirit that brings a special comfort. The role of a doula is a support like none other, that not only benefits the woman in labor but also her whole family, including the baby’s father, providing him also with emotional support, rest, and guidance on how to support his partner through labor. Doulas are one of the only support people to be allowed into hospitals during the COVID pandemic, so having your doula certification can be a great benefit to allowing you the opportunity to support.



There are not currently any licensing laws in the USA to be certified as a doula; however, being certified through a professional organization gives you the credentials clients and hospitals often require to confirm you have in fact received education and training to fulfill your professional role. As a certified AWWS doula, you will be able to show others a standard of professional conduct and education that gives others confidence in your ability to serve, makes you stand apart from those who simply call themselves a doula without having been trained by any set of educational standards, and gives credence to your business. You will also receive the professional support you need to be a successful doula in your community and credentials and logo you will be able to proudly add after your name on your business materials and webpage. Our training is open to all women regardless of ethnicity, race, or beliefs, and we honor cultural diversity.


We believe our program fills in the gap for doula training options for those who desire our ancient roots, use of traditional language, holistic (yet modern approach to fit the birth world of today), and we will be the right fit for many women who are looking for a Christian based (non-denominational) Doula Training Program. Our training is open to all, regardless of beliefs, and does not push a set of beliefs on anyone. Our program offers the highest standard of education with unequivocal support, as well as a lifetime certification, without having to worry about us taking extra money from you to maintain your certification. We believe training should be easy and accessible, and strive to meet the constantly changing needs of women running a doula business. We understand there will be some who may find another organization that more closely aligns with their philosophy. We believe that you should choose an organization that you can be proud to associate with because it closely aligns with your personal philosophies and standards. This is why we strive to be transparent about who we are and what we represent and are happy to provide answers to any questions you may have before registering to join our program. We also offer cross-certification for doulas who have previously been trained. 

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