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Childbirth Educator Program (CBE)

Coming Later This Year!

We are getting closer to the third installment in the AWWS program! Classes that take what you have learned as a birth doula and postpartum lactation specialist and tie it into one package, adding in how to teach groups and one-on-one classes in an engaging and informative manner as a childbirth educator!


Learning how to teach is an important skill that comes in addition to just having the knowledge in your head! This means if you have already registered for both programs, you are already on your way to completing certification! You have the foundation set! You will now be prepared to present evidence-based information from both the medical and natural health perspective in a classroom setting, with the biblical foundation you already have, for parents who are preparing for hospital, birth center, or home birth.


You will appreciate that the packages will be set up as tiered pricing based on what you have already completed, to pay less if you have already done the first two programs. If you have not done any program yet at all, you will get access to all as a bundle to complete your CBE and doula certifications as a package! Individual doula certifications will continue as they always have. We will just have the additional options to accommodate everyone’s various educational goals! You do not have to be a doula if all you want to be is a CBE. The doula course is just part of the educational modules that will prepare you to understand the birth process and how to teach the partner to support the woman in labor.


You will be one of the most thoroughly equipped CBEs in your community with the educational foundation you receive in this program to equip you to understand the support role to teach parents to prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period, lactation and newborn care--all from a biblical foundation. You will be experienced in knowing how to support a mother and teach the father how to be her support person during the process, which is why the doula program is foundational to your role as a childbirth educator. You will learn professional teaching skills and techniques to prepare engaging and interactive classes that students will love! Stay tuned for more details soon!

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