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Have you already trained as a doula with another organization but let your membership expire?

Do you feel you no longer align with the philosophy of the organization you originally certified with and are  looking to align yourself with one that better fits who you are as a professional?

Are you looking for further education, community, and support to expand your array of professional certifications? 


These are a few reasons you might be interested in cross certifying!

Some cases of never completing certification with another organization but bulk of training was  completed, also count with proof!

When you cross certify, you receive a discount off the regular certification/training fee!


Birth Doula fee: $300

Postpartum Doula Lactation fee: $400


  1. Submit copy of doula certification from previous organization with reasons for cross certification.

  2. Submit 2 references of clients served as a birth doula.

  3. Complete 2 page essay/ self-reflection paper on what you have learned and how you have grown during your career as a doula and what your future goals are.


As a certified AWWS doula, you are free to run your independent business as you choose. We have a standard of practice for the purpose of having a professional standard and consistency so that clients and other professionals can know the quality doula you are. 

When you have completed these steps, you will receive your signed certificate, logo for website and marketing materials, and the right to use the credentials, CBD (AWWS), after your name.

You will also have access to our support group and all future resources provided to AWWS doulas!



  1. Submit copy of doula certification from previous organization with reasons for cross certification and a brief bio of your service.

  2. Submit 2 references or reviews from clients served as a postpartum doula.

  3. Since our course includes the lactation dual certification that other postpartum doula programs don't include, you will receive access to complete all lactation modules and assignments to complete cross certification and prepare you to hold the title of postpartum lactation specialist. You will not have to complete any of the postpartum modules or assignments or the live group classes, which allows you to finish much sooner than someone starting the program without a previous certification. We will schedule a 30 minute follow-up phone call to check in with any questions you might have and confirm readiness! 

  4. If you need proof of certification as a postpartum doula, you will have the option to request a preliminary certificate as proof of postpartum qualifications in the interim. 

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